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I am awfully thankful today. My mom had chicken and cookies ready for me when we stopped by after dropping my friend from work off at her house. She is the best cook I know and honestly needs to start her own diner because its just amazing what she can do in the kitchen. Jeff has been hinting at a surprise he has had for me for a few days and he finally took my tonight after work to get it. He took me over to Borders and pick up a copy of How To Sew A Button by Erin Bried. I have wanted this book for some time now. If you have never heard of this book you really must check it out here at http://www.howtosewabutton.com/, it gives so many useful tips that your grandmothers have used for ages. Most girls would scoff at the idea of a book as a really great surprise gift but I adore when he does that. It really shows that he is listening and knows what I care about. Some girls want flowers but I love getting new or old books. We also went to the movies on Friday, something we have been doing since our first date. I really wanted to see Daybreakers, but I have no idea where the need to see this movie came from. I knew it was going to be scary but I was really hoping it would be more thrilling than scary, I was very wrong. We left after about 15 minutes. Just the scene when Ethan Hawk is mixing his tea (that has blood in it, seeing as he is a vampire) and it turns this just horrible pink orangy color and I just keep thinking about it. It was almost the color of the slime in Ghostbusters 2. Anyway, we snuck in to Leap Year which was a very cute movie with the lovely Matthew Goode. We ended up heading home and spending the rest of the night read (which I was doing) or playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (which Jeff was doing.) I really love nights at home. Finally, (after that long sidetrack about what we did this weekend) I am very thankful to my brothers chickens! The are the best chicken and My mom and I are very sad that they lost another one to the coyotes this week, but I am very glad Dixie is still around! She is the best. He also gave us a dozen eggs from them that Jeff and I will be trying tomorrow. I am a little nervous, I really don't eat eggs that often but everyone has been raving about them so I am going to make a huge breakfast for us with eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Time to start reading!
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Jeff playing COD:MW2
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I am very much in a slump... a crafting slump.
My quilt for my niece is not turing out how i want it and now I am seeing all these amazing granny square quilts I want to make but I dont know how to crochet... and that is making me very frustrated!! i know all these things are very petty but it makes me so mad.

In other news... Jeff and I are both very sick... its not fun, i want my body back.

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I love seeing all the cute little librarian hand made things on Etsy. 
I have not been keeping up with this journal, and it makes me sad because I really like it.
I should re-cap on the last few days. 
Dropped my phone in the toilet... got a replacement and they gave me a brand new touch screen. 
I have been playing with it for the last few days, its so fun!
Went to the swap meet today even though I have had a cold. 
Found some very cute fabric that I will be using to make some pillows for the couch. 
Jeff bought a new record/8-track/radio player. He spent 2 hours trying to fix it and made it work. It sounds so amazing but now we have no place to put it. And finally Jeff bought me a movie called Twister from '89 with Crispin Glover... He knows my love for Mr. Glover but it was just so weird... And we ended up watching Nature on PBS. PBS always makes me feel good when I'm sick. 

And that's all that has been going on. Jeff is registering for school and getting frustrated
I am going to try really hard to finally drop some weight... I'm not unhealthy but it just a bit needs to come off. 

This is my plan for now! 

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law & order: SVU
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Today was my first day volunteering at the historical society. I have to say I completely love it. The curator is amazing and wants to help me reach my goal actually becoming a curator or historian some day. I got a tour of the houses and back stage tour in which I actually got to touch things and see what projects they are coming up with. It really made me so happy to be there since lately I have hated my job and been so upset with things. I can't wait to go back!

Yesterday was disneyland and I am still recovering from that. I am exhausted. It was so much fun but I am going back to bed for a nap.

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Ramsy's Kitchen Nightmares
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 I needed a change. I like my new home here. 

I want it cold! It's 98 in October. I am never happy with the weather in California. 

Should I recap? Who am I?

I'm Ashley! I'm 22 and I like to make cute things. 
I am very much in love with my handsome boyfriend, Jeff. 
I work at a library and have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. 
I like old things and movies and records. 

Thats me!

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